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You've asked for it, and we've delivered! From now until December 31st, we are offering a 75% discount to any who pre-register for our membership community. The regualar membership fee is $197, but you'll gain instant access to the True Study Skills Online Academy for only $47
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Since we are still building out the courses and getting things set up, we will be unlocking the very popular and powerful "Fast Start!" program inside the Academy. This stand-alone course is normally $149 - but you will have full, unlimited access to it just as soon as you become a member of True Study Skills Online Academy! All courses and videos that are added will be made instantly available to you during our content download phase. This deal won't last long - once content is loaded and accessible, the discounted price will change accordingly until we have a full suite of available courses. The ealier you act, the steeper the discount! ;-)
Membership includes:
You've Never Seen A Study Skills Community Like This.
Simply put, there will be TONS of information for student growth focusing on how to learn more effectively, efficiently, and effortlessly. Here's a small sampling of what is included:
  • Facebook Communities: We'll have Facebook communities for 13 - 18 year old students, University Students, and Parents/Guardians. Like minded people seeking to improve and turn stressed-out students into stress-free scholars!
  • Powerful Strategies: Specific, powerful, and effective strategies for studying will be available to learn and master via the online course portal
  • LIfe Skills: There are many different 'moving parts' in creating a stress-free scholar - and much of it doesn't directly involve study skills. We'll bring these critical life skills to membership community!
  • Leadership Skills: Leadership skills are crucial for a developing student - and they are even more important if you've already made it past High School. We'll be bringing leadership skills and training to the membership community!
  • Personal Coaching: We understand that some people prefer to get One-on-One personal coaching - this incredible benefit will only be available to True Study Skills Members. 
  •  Much, much more!
So here's the deal - we have been teaching these incredible strategies for over two decades. Typically presented in either a half-day seminar or full-day seminar, we have helped tens of thousands of students improve not only their grades, but how to learn more effectively and efficiently while spending less time 'studying'. We've spoken at countless schools, universities, youth camps, and leadership conferences bringing these strategies to students from middle school through advanced University students! These timeless strategies and skills are far more than 'common sense', and have tremendous impact in all areas of a students life. We've also offered private counseling/coaching to students and parents that will now be reserved for True Study Skills Online Academy members.

Study Skills programs and Test Prep courses sell for HUNDREDS of dollars every single day. But future True Study Skills Online Academy members will get THOUSANDS of dollars worth of value for only $197 for an entire year of access. That's less than $1 per day! That's unlimited access to any course, video, or training that we offer - all for a full year for far less than a typical coffee at Dunkin Donuts. You simply cannot beat this deal no matter where you look! 

HOWEVER; for a limited time, you can enjoy a 75% discount by become a member during our 'Content Download Phase' and gain access to True Study Skills Online Academy for only $47! 

SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED BONUS: With the new release on September 7th of our book "#thestruggleisreal: How To Turn Stressed-Out Students Into Stress-Free Scholars", we are making this 75% discount PERMANENT for as long as you remain a member. That's right, once the countdown clock at the top of this page runs out, our official yearly access fee of $197/year will kick in, but those who joined during this special offer will enjoy the same 75% discount if they choose to renew their membership. 

ALL of the strategies, life skills, leadership skills, special guests, and other goodies will be available through the online academy. New content will continue to be added as well as updates and advancements in strategies and techniques as they occur. That means that Founding Partners will have immediate access to our 'Fast Start!' program, which has already been uploaded to the Academy.

Join today to lock in this 75% discounted membership package!
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